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  Blu Dragon, Sweet Delilah, (Blu Boy) Dio Lugosi, Lena Lionheart, Cleopatra, Dragon Lily, Khaleesi, Luca, DeNiro,  Bella,

Raven Beauty, Ozzy, Pinky, Goliath, Thor, Zena, Lagatha & Pandora are our pride and joy. 

We are located in Tobyhanna, Pa, in the Beautiful Pocono Mountains, where we have begun our dream to become a quality 

Cane Corso Breeder and strive to produce, the most beautiful Cane Corso Puppies.

Our dogs are "our family".  They are purebred Cane Corsos with outstanding


They are truely, gentle sweet giants, whose loyalty and protection is unquestionable. They are registered with the I.C.C.F

{The International Cane Corso Federation- the longest running registry of the Cane Corso} and the AKC.     
  Our dogs sleep in our beds, go in the car as often as we can take them, and love to meet people and socialize
as often as they can.

People love them as much as they love people. They are gentle enough to be around children as well as other pets. 

Our dogs have changed our lives so much that we wanted to have a son of our Blu Dragon, 

which has brought us to where we are today.

Delilah has brought us just as much joy, we couldn't have asked for two better quality dogs to have gotten us

onto the path we are on today. 

Blu Boy and Lena Lionheart , are two puppies from our first litter, which we decided to keep as well as accomplish our dream of having a son of Blu Dragon. Cleopatra and  Khaleesi are daughters of Lena Lionheart. 

They will be the future producers of Blu Dragon Puppies.       
       When you look into the eyes of a Cane Corso, you know there is someone in there. A soul that has an awful lot to say.

You wish each and every day you could hear exactly what it is they want to tell you and long to hear their beautiful voice. 

To have a Cane Corso in your life is one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences anyone could ever have, and one that you will never forget.  A true companion unlike any other. 

We will be forever grateful that this amazing breed has found it's way into our lives and hearts. 

Our goal is to give someone else the same joy and happiness this amazing breed has given us.      
        Our "Extended Family" page shows a number of slideshows and pictures of our pups with their new families.

We love to hear from the families and consider them part of our "Blu Dragon Cane Corso family." 

Please take some time and browse through them, as there are many beautiful pictures.  You won't be disappointed.    
         As you browse through our site, we hope that you find the comfort and confidence in us,

as quality Cane Corso Breeders,

and hope that one day you will join our Blu Dragon extended family.              

We are Blu Dragon Cane Corsos; producers of the most 

​​Below is  our Blu Dragon/Sweet Delilah video on youtube. A true "Love story" and  how it all began. Please check it out. You will enjoy it.

​​​ Blu Dragon Cane Corsos

​​​​Beautiful~ Loyal ~Protectors

Cane Corso Puppies For Sale